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Laura King's Goal Setting w/ Self Hypnosis and The Achieve System

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goal setting hypnosis & hypnotherapy

Failure to plan is a plan for failure.

Hypnotist Laura King uses the hypnotherapy ACHIEVE system for outcome creation, planning, and achievement (i.e., what most people refer to as goal setting). It's simple, it's very easy to remember, and you can accomplish it all by yourself in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

The Goal Setting self hypnosis system below takes advantages of hypnotist Laura King's hypnotherapy ability to turn suggestions into behavior, and NLP's program for manifesting the outcomes you desire. This is where Laura King integrates self hypnosis, NLP, and your own unique abilities and wishes, to produce what you have defined for yourself as peak performance.

The Laura King ACHIEVE System

A = Action
C = Create
H = Human
I = Identity
E = Energy
V = Value
E = Evaluate

A = Action

Before outcomes, before plans, comes something very simple: Deciding that there are things about your riding that you need to change. This is a pivotal moment because that decision is not meaningful until you commit yourself to take action.

C = Create

To get the outcomes you want, you need to make a plan, right? Well this is where you make your starting point. This is where you define exactly where it is you are right now so that you can develop the most effective, efficient plan to where you'd like to go. To generate the optimal affirmations and outcomes for yourself, use the following as a guide to creating your starting point.

H = Human

Recognizing your humanity is an integral part of this program. We make mistakes, we have a tendency to be critical and hard on ourselves, we have difficulty forgiving the faults of others as well as ourselves, and have a really hard time releasing bad memories. Without getting too much into psychoanalysis, much of how we act and react was formulated during childhood. How did your mother or father respond to adversity? Were they competitive? Were they hard on themselves or on you? Were they immediately trusting or not? How did they feel about the person who cut ahead of them in line?

Now how about you? How can you respond to adversity? Are you competitive? Are you hard on your parents or on yourself? With whom should you compete and why? How do you respond to others? Are you immediately trusting or not? What does winning mean to you? How should you feel about the person who cuts ahead of you in line? If you don't place a high as you wanted whose fault is it? Is there a pattern between your parents and yourself?

If there is, the first part of acknowledging your humanity is to Release and Clear whatever feelings you have about your parents and their influence on who you are today.

Let's face it: You can't change anything about the past anyway, so allowing it to adversely affect your thoughts and your performance isn't all that effective as a life strategy.

In addition, reread your responses in the "C=Create" section and note if you are blaming anyone for anything or if you are concentrating on mistakes, bad relationships, or negative feelings from the past. For instance, here was Debra's response:

Goal Setting & Hypnotherapy One - Goal Setting & Hypnotherapy Two
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Using Goal Setting as well as self hypnosis by hypnotist Laura King can have an amazingly positive effect on your career and more. With Laura King's self hypnosis MP3's & hypnotherapy CD's and hypnosis literature you can reduce negative habits and improve beneficial actions. Start improving your life today with hypnotist Laura King's self hypnosis and hypnotherapy CD's.

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