Laura King, a hypnotist who focuses on Sports Hypnotherapy & Equestrian Hypnosis.

About Hypnotist Laura King

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Hypnotist Laura King, CHT, NLP

Sought out by Olympians, leading edge CEO's, professional athletes, prominent physicians, award-winning trainers and parents, hypnotist Laura King teaches individuals, through hypnosis, how to utilize their minds to make lasting changes in both their performance and lives. In her recent book, The Power to Win, Laura King explains how the use of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can easily help anyone conquer fear, build confidence and obtain unprecedented success. A popular speaker, admired life coach and hypnotist, Laura King has published over 150 CD's and workbooks covering topics such as stress management, peak performance, public speaking, overcoming illness, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and much more.

Hypnotist Laura King is director and founder of Summit Dynamics, LLC and is a certified hypnotist and certified sport hypnotist. A student of human excellence and positive behavior modification for over 25 years, hypnotist Laura King was trained at the Omni Hypnosis Training Center and the Don Mottin Sports Hypnosis Training Center. Hypnotist Laura King received her NLP hypnosis training from Dr. William Horton. In addition to her certifications in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, Laura King also spent over two decades studying with her mentor, Dorothy Gates, Ph.D., internationally recognized authority on child hypnosis and adult development.

Personalized Self-Hypnosis Session & CD

Laura King, CHT (Clinical Hypnotherapist), NLP will create a personal, one-of-a-kind 30 minute self-hypnosis CD customized to suit your personal, professional and/or athletic goals. Imagine having Laura King's expertise in hypnosis and hypnotherapy whenever you need it! More Hypnosis Information

Key Note Speaker/Guest Lecturer Engagements

Whether you represent business executives, teaching professionals, or high-performance athletes, your group will benefit from an introduction to hypnotist Laura King's self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to achieve peak performance. For more information and availability, please email Hypnotist Laura King or call 877.482.7352.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Clinics for Achieving Peak Athletic Performance

Set in an experiential environment, participants learn effective tools for achieving peak performance in their sport through hypnosis, self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Each athlete is empowered through hypnotherapy with a winning mental advantage and powerful hypnotherapy visualization techniques that consistently enhance their performance. The result -- a renewed confidence and ability propels individual performance to the next championship level. For more information and availability, please email Hypnotist Laura King or call 877.482.7352. (Minimum four people per clinic.)

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Workshops For Professional & Personal Growth

For many of us, we are what we do and the better we do it, the happier and more successful lives we lead. Hypnotist Laura King understands that no matter where you are in life, there is no better feeling than being proud of yourself and/or your work. Hypnotist Laura King has therefore spent her career developing hypnosis, hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis workshops that focus on personal attention in interactive environments. The difference -- each participant gains, an in-depth understanding of Laura King's hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques and how to personally put them to use for their best benefit. Originally designed for corporate executives and professionals, hypnotist Laura King has also expanded her hypnosis and hypnotherapy seminar topics for individuals striving for life balance and fulfillment. For more information and availability, please email Hypnotist Laura King or call 877.482.7352. (Minimum four people per workshop.)
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Today's Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis is drastically more beneficial than it was 25 years ago when this Hypnotist first got into the Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis field.
Hypnotherapy has been shown to have dramatic positive affects on millions of people. Try out one of Hypnotist Laura King's Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis CD's today!

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