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Equestrian Series - 3-Day Eventing - Jumping - Western Rider - Dressage - Equestrian DVD Training

keys to winning equestrian hypnotherapy

Keys to Winning Equestrian Series with Self Hypnosis

Hypnotist ,Laura King's, The Keys to Winning for the Equestrian is a series of "self-hypnosis" audio sessions, created by equestrians, for equestrians.
  • Eliminate any mental or subconscious barriers to complete mastery of your equestrian sport.
  • Relax on your horse with equestrian hypnotherapy.
  • Improve riding confidence implementing self hypnosis training
  • With hypnosis release your fears and self-doubt
  • Sharpen your competitive concentration
(These Equestrian Hypnotherapy CD's are available individually)

equestrian riding self hypnosis cd

Self Hypnosis Keys to Winning for 3-Day Eventing Series

Equestrian Hypnotherapy CD's and Self Hypnosis MP3's help you become more successful in lessons and in the show ring by improving your powers of concentration.
  • Transform the voice of past fears and failures in the show ring into positive, empowering self-talk.
  • Self Hypnosis helps you eliminate negativity and anxiety from every part of your body.
  • Change messages of fear and self-doubt into powerful, positive thoughts to promote consistency and relaxation with Self Hypnosis.
  • Hypnotist, Laura King's, Self Hypnosis allows you to have greater fun at any horse show event!
(These Self Hypnotism CD's are for sale separately)

hypnotist laura king horse jumping mp3's

Self Hypnosis Keys to Winning the Jumper Series

Hypnotist, Laura King, designed these equestrian hypnotherapy CD's for focusing on the preparation of a good ride. Distractions inside your head become non-existent and outside distractions do not register.
  • Increase confidence in your abilities and becoming comfortable with higher jumps applying hypnotist Laura King's equestrian hypnotherapy.
  • Achieve greater consistency every time you ride by gaining control of your thoughts by utilizing hypnosis.
  • With self hypnosis training become better relaxed by realizing that your horse has the talent and capability to jump successfully.
  • Move forward with your abilities and attain the competitive edge exercising the power of self hypnosis.
(These Laura King Hypnosis CD's are on sale individually)

western rider - equestrian self hypnosis cd

Hypnosis Keys to Winning for the Western Rider Series

This 6 CD Equestrian Hypnotherapy Western set will help you relax on your horse, improve riding confidence, dissolve your fears and self-doubt, and sharpen your competitive concentration.
  • Physically and mentally absolve unwanted muscle tension and replace it with pleasant feelings of peaceful harmony in your mind and body.
  • With Equestrian Hypnotherapy transform the voice of past fears and failures in the show ring into positive, empowering self-affirmations. Hypnosis works.
  • Improve focus, confidence, and build your self image, improving your riding skills along the way with self hypnosis.
  • Liberate negative emotions of anxiety and worry that come up before or during your show event with Hypnotist Laura King's Hypnosis Series.
(These Equestrian Hypnotherapy CD's are available individually)

winning equestrian dressage competition

Keys to Winning Dressage Series by Hypnotist Laura King

Self Hypnosis and Equestrian Hypnotherapy empower you to remember tests easily by gaining control through increased self-discipline, self-awareness, and concentration.
  • Improve your freestyle techniques and ability to connect with your horse with Laura King's Self Hypnosis.
  • Physically and mentally loose unwanted muscle tension with equestrian hypnotherapy.
  • Produce a smooth, effortless, and relaxed body for more fluid communication between your horse and you.
  • Sharpen your competitive concentration .
  • Attain riding confidence. Hypnosis Works!
(Equestrian Hypnotherapy CD's - purchase separately)

equestrian self hypnosis dvd

Equestrian Hypnotherapy Training DVDs by Laura King

Designed to supplement Hypnotist Laura King's book, The Power To Win, and Keys to Winning Self Hypnosis CD series.
  • With Hypnosis identify and reprogram self doubt and limiting beliefs into unstoppable confidence and relentless determination.
  • Hypnotist, Laura King, explains in detail her most valuable and proven hypnosis techniques.
  • Achieve greater focus and consistency every time you ride using Hypnotist Laura King's Equestrian Hypnotherapy DVD's.
  • With Laura King's Self Hypnosis training, eliminate fears and past failures in the show ring.
  • Transform internal negative messages into powerful, positive thoughts utilizing self hypnosis.
(These Laura King DVD's are for sale separately)

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With hypnotist Laura King's equestrian hypnotherapy programs you can now educate yourself to train your horse more efficiently. Combine your equestrian skills with these equestrian hypnotherapy CD's and watch your success in the horse ring skyrocket! All self hypnosis CD's and equestrian hypnosis MP3's come with a money back guarantee.

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