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1. Dieters Turning to Hypnotherapy to Shed Extra Pounds

by Candice Choi
Imagine a world where chocolate cake holds no temptation, where celery is an indulgence and food cravings float away in a... Browse Hypnosis Essay

2. Healthy Eating for Weight Loss

hypnotist Laura King
Aren't you tired of diets? Self hypnosis may help. Everywhere I go I am being lured by the illusions of quick weight loss at discount prices, or the... Weight Loss Hypnosis

3.Natural, Permanent Weight Loss

hypnotist Laura King
Most diet plans are based on a process of deprivation: People are told to restrict themselves to certain types of food, precise... Losing Weight with Hypnotherapy

4.Reduce Stress & Improve Relationships with Hypnotherapy

hypnotist Laura King
Everyone feels "stressed out" now and then. Stress is a normal part of life that can help us learn and... Relationships and Self Hypnotherapy

5.STRESS - For Many Women

hypnotist Laura King
For many women, the level of stress in their lives has negative effects on their health or their relationships. Stress can also make... Dealing with Stress & Self Hypnosis

6. Who Is Your Worst Critic?

hypnotist Laura King
Many athletes develop problems with their “mind-set” because they begin to overindulge in self-criticism and self-judgment... Facing Self Criticism with Self Hypnosis

7. Self Talk

hypnotist Laura King
One of the more frequently faced challenges experienced by athletes is that of how to improve their performance. They express... Read Article

8. Equestrians Discover Keys to Winning

hypnotist Laura King
When Laura King began to study self hypnosis & hypnotherapy almost 25 years ago, she had no idea that her passion for helping people and her... Hypnotherapy with Laura King

9. The Little Rider That Could

hypnotist Laura King
I’ve been around horses and involved in showing for most of my life. In the past couple of years I have dedicated myself to helping... Equestrian Hypnotherapy

10. Make A Plan For Riding Success

hypnotist Laura King
Former Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey once said, “Luck is the residue of design.” In other words, a great way to increase... Browse Article

11. The Little Handler That Could

hypnotist Laura King
“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. . .” said the Engine That Could as he chugged up the mountain. More than just a... Learn More

12. A New Tool for Dog Handlers

hypnotist Laura King
The Flawless Dog Showing program is a series of five CD's or MP3's that allow handlers to experience the benefits of hypnosis... Dog Hypnotherapy

13. Self-Hypnosis for Superior Golf

hypnotist Laura King
With all of the countless innovations in the game of golf that have taken place over the last 20 years - improvements in equipment... Read Details

14. The Little Golfer That Could

hypnotist Laura King
I’ve been around golf courses and golfers for most of my life. In the past couple of years I have dedicated myself to helping... Golf Hypnotherapy

15. Self-Hypnosis for Optimum Tennis

hypnotist Laura King
A Safe, Natural, Quick Mental Workout With the countless innovations that have taken place in the game of tennis in recent years... Play Improved Tennis with Self Hypnosis

16. Self-Hypnosis for Improved Baseball

hypnotist Laura King
With the countless innovations that have taken place in the game of baseball in recent years - improvements in baseball equipment, better... Learn More

17. Help Your Child Improve Study Habits & Test Scores

hypnotist Laura King
As parents, we are always looking for ways to help our children get the most out of their education. We do everything in... Learn About This Hypnotist

18. Patterns of Our Past

hypnotist Laura King
I hope you enjoyed the last column, in which I dealt with changing negative self-talk into positive, encouraging self-talk for... Browse Story

19. Hello! From New Columnist Laura King

hypnotist Laura King
My name is Laura King, and in addition to a horse nut I am also a Certified Hypnotist and Sports Hypnotist. This is the first in what I... Read Hypnotist Column
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With all of these hypnosis stories by hypnotist Laura King she delves into how hypnotherapy can help you and effect you in a positive manner. Take a few minutes and read about these self hypnosis features. They focus on issues like baseball hypnosis, Golf hypnotherapy, Horse riding self hypnosis, and child hypnosis list just a few.

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