Start wanting to learn more by using this Self Hypnosis CD by Hypnotist Laura King. This Hypnotherapy improves studying & test taking.

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Test Taking, Good Study Habits

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Hypnosis CD: 575
Test Taking, Good Study Habits

In this hypnotherapy session designed by hypnotist Laura King, you increase your desire to study. Self hypnosis helps you develop the ability and the determination to learn more. Through listening to this Laura King hypnotherapy CD your subconscious mind will retain more information. When you are relaxed, the mind is better able to recall stored information. Practicing self hypnosis helps dissipate anxiety associated with test taking and your testing performance will improve. Start using self hypnosis & hypnotherapy techniques by hypnotist Laura King today!

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This Self Hypnosis CD by Hypnotist Laura King focuses on how to use Hypnotherapy to improve the way you study and how successful you are at taking tests. Train your mind to want to learn when you open a book, develop the ability to not become distracted, feel confidant when you sit down to take the test, and more! Self Hypnosis CD's by the Hypnotist Laura King apply hypnotherapy in ways that dramatically improve your learning skills. This Self Hypnosis CD comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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