Increase confidence w/ Self Hypnosis & Self Image Hypnotherapy: Laura King's Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis CD set has a 60 Day Guarantee!

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Complete Self Image Builder Series


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Complete Self Image Builder Series

Laura King knows that A Confident Person is a Productive Person

Take a look at some of the most productive and successful people that you know in your life, whether at work or at home. You'll probably notice something that these people all have in common: Healthy self confidence.

Their confidence does not come from being successful. Instead, it's really the other way around. A confident person tends to impress those around them. A confident person tends to be easy to like. A confident person comes across as a capable person with a healthy self image.

Each self image hypnotherapy CD is designed by Laura King to build your own self confidence and self image. Self image hypnotherapy uses hypnosis and self hypnosis as tools to help you build your self image. Once you utilize self hypnosis to build your self image, you will find that both your personal and professional relationships grow and flourish. When you listen to Laura King's self image hypnotherapy series, and apply hypnosis and self hypnosis, you experience increased vitality, improved health, and an overall sense of happiness and well-being.

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Self Hypnosis Self Image Builder series by Laura King. This Self Image Hypnotherapy works by increasing your confidence & self image. You are a strong person underneath, this program brings that part of your personality into the open using hypnosis. Use this Laura King Self Hypnosis training with our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee & Free Shipping! Laura King knows that Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy work!

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