Hypnosis & Self Hypnotherapy helps you learn to rehears your performance in your mind. This Hypnosis CD by Hypnotist Laura King works!

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Peak Performance for the Eventer

hypnosis & hypnotherapy cd

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Peak Performance for the Eventer

You are what you think. Listening to this self hypnotherapy CD by hypnotist Laura King repeatedly will improve your overall riding performance. All great athletes rehearse their performances in their minds to create the results they desire. Through the repetition of positive hypnotic suggestions, this self hypnotherapy CD by hypnotist Laura King communicates with your subconscious mind, and guides you to success. Using hypnosis, learn how to prepare your mind through relaxation, imagery, self hypnotherapy and positive thinking. You'll gain focus, confidence, and build your self image with hypnosis. Let hypnotist Laura King and self hypnotherapy help you improve your riding skills along the way.
This hypnotherapy CD has a 60 Day money Back Guarantee!

Price: $ 27.47

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Now you can use self hypnotherapy to improve your equestrian riding too! With Laura King's hypnosis CD's (Laura King is a hypnotist from Florida) you will be able to increase your self confidence and poise while riding. Try this hypnotherapy/hypnosis today! Hypnotherapy works!

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