Use Self Hypnosis to increase your learning strength. Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis help you relax, opening your mind up to what is possible.

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Complete Series: Learn Series


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Hypnosis CD: 563
Complete Series: Learn Series

This hypnotherapy Series is a six-point program for learning, both by utilizing specific relaxation techniques, self hypnosis and by practicing mental imagery. The main focus points of this hypnotherapy series are to use hypnosis to maximize your study habits and learning abilities; to use self hypnosis to retrain your mind; to enhance creativity with hypnosis; to expand your interest; and to advance your career. With hypnotherapy you can realize your goals no matter what you have experienced in the past.
  • Easy to use. You simply listen to the hypnotherapy CD before you go to bed at night.
  • Relaxing. Hypnosis is a form of relaxation that has been used by physicians, surgeons, and athletes for hundreds of years.
  • Helpful even if you think you have fallen asleep. Because your brain takes 20 minutes to fall asleep, you will still reap the benefits of the hypnotherapy CDs because the subconscious mind is absorbing the entire program.
  • Transformational. Self hypnosis helps you transform negative study habits (including lack of concentration) into positive, productive habits.

Price: $ 137.47

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This Self Hypnosis series on Learning can change your life and the lives of your children. Self Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy is very affective on modifying children's behavior. Start this Self Hypnosis today and help your child improve their learning habits, ability to stay focused, and MUCH more. Comes with Free Shipping & a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on all hypnotherapy CD's!

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