This Self Hypnosis journal is a bonus to The Power to Win, written by Hypnotist Laura King this Hypnotherapy workbook enables success.

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Companion Journal to The Power to Win

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Hypnosis CD: 1002
Companion Journal to The Power to Win

The self hypnosis Companion Journal to "The Power to Win", by hypnotist Laura King, will help fans increase their understanding of self hypnosis and NLP to release performance anxiety and to let go of past failures. Hypnotist Laura King has set up the self hypnosis companion guide as a workbook for readers to list their own issues that they would like to improve, and then describes the best process of utilizing hypnosis and mental imagery to achieve their goals. The journal corresponds with "The Power to Win", and hypnotist Laura King offers additional explanations and advice maximizing the readers' experience with hypnosis and NLP.

Price: $ 9.95
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A self hypnosis journal by hypnotist Laura King is designed to append "The Power to Win". This hypnosis journal helps you learn even more when used with the hypnotherapy "The Power to Win". This hypnosis is cutting edge.

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