Hypnotherapy with Self Hypnosis allows your mind to be taken on a wonderful journey. Hypnotist Laura King's Hypnosis CD's truly work!

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In this hypnotherapy session designed by hypnotist Laura King, you use self hypnosis to travel up a beautiful mountain, arriving in warm sunlight. Self hypnosis helps you experience the life-giving, healing properties of the sun's light as you let go of past negative experiences or conditions. Your body is charged with vitality, energy, and health as you listen to this hypnotherapy session. This Laura King hypnosis enables you to accept cleansing and healing of your entire body. Hypnotist Laura King helps you acknowledge your creative power to produce health in your body, enabling you to do so. Try this hypnotherapy CD with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Price: $ 27.47

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Self Hypnotherapy & hypnosis, improving your health with Hypnotist Laura King. This Self Hypnosis CD takes you on a trip that can change your life for the better. Experience how Hypnotherapy can increase your energy levels, improve your overall health and reduce negative emotions. This Self Hypnosis/hypnotherapy series has a 60 Day Guarantee!

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