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Laws of the Universe

laws of self hypnosis

The Law of Cause and Effect

It is the eternal decree of Nature that there can be no consequence without a causality. Incidents do not just happen. Self hypnosis therapy and Hypnotherapy services build on this. They come into being and are the results of our thoughts, actions and deeds. In terms of your mind, that means that your results are the 12%, but the causes represent 88% of your mind. So everything has a cause: you just might not know what that cause is, hypnotist Laura King can help you find it.

If we make mistakes, we pay the price. We're the arbiters of our own destiny. Thoughts which we dwell upon are the seed, and the seed shall nurture a harvest according to the rule of "like produces like." All seeds must reproduce according to type. Seed determines the type, harvest reveals the seed sown. "Whatsoever a man soweth - that shall he also reap." Perhaps this takes on new meaning for you. Our culture is busy applying Band-AidsŪ to the effects of our "problems" when we should be doing major surgery on the cause - - which occurs within each individual. Wisdom is the faculty of knowing what should be the effect of a cause.

Every action in the universe must be followed by an appropriate reaction. There is no exception of any kind, at any time, for any reason. This means simply that we should get out of life what we put into living - - no more and no less.

The Law of Free Thought

We learn to remain (of our free will) within the Natural laws of our being. Everything ideal must exist in us before they can exist in society. Peace, plenty and security are not detached from us; they are not things which exist apart. Unless we learn these basic laws of Nature, we'll remain ignorant of the most important thing of all; how to conduct our lives so that he might richly live. We are rich or poor, happy or sad depending upon how effectively we use the laws of our nature.

The Law of Work

We live in two spheres: vocational and personal. The wise person seeks to achieve harmony between the two. Our purpose is to make a contribution while we're here as creative beings and to advance the act of living to some degree by having lived. We should all be occupied in the highest employment of which our nature is capable, and leave this world with the consciousness that we have done our best.

The Law of Human Relations

Everything stems from the individual; society is an extension of the individual. The first human unit is the individual, then the family, the community, the city, the nation, the earth. The contribution of every nation is the result of the quality of its citizens. Everyone cannot sit around waiting for another fellow to start doing something to improve society. YOU are the starting point. I, Laura King, am the starting point.

We owe it to ourselves and to each other to do what we can to promote peace and compassion. Remember that one warped mind affects everyone in the community. We've seen that again and again.

The Law of Perception

It is impossible for any of us to be objective about our lives. Every human being is the exact center of their own life and the way they think and feel has a direct and all- powerful influence upon the way in which they interact with others as well as their environment. We see our environment not as IT IS, but as WE ARE. Whatever happens or occurs is treated subjectively always.

The Law of the Eternal Present

The subconscious is geared to act, react and respond in only one time period - the present. Everything it does and everything it can do, it does immediately. The future is nothing more than your present expectation of an incident or event yet to take place. You anticipate or plan for tomorrow - NOW.

The Law of Change

Our creativity and the efficiency is directly commensurate with our appetite for diversity. Inability to adapt to change signals atrophy in this natural appetite with the result being indecision, doubt, fear and dullness. Passage stimulates the magnificent creative faculty of the subconscious. None of us knows what is ahead. All objects pass away, all entities vary. The important thing is to use today wisely and well and face tomorrow eagerly and cheerfully.

We are not just passive victims of our ever-changing world, however. We can create change if we desire to.

Once you have acknowledged the past and learned from it, now to release the past and forgive whomever you believe has injured you. And that includes forgiving yourself.

In other words, you are in complete control over if, when, and to what extent you'll transition. The power lies within you in your thoughts. You can use your thoughts to decide to switch and then to create a new behavior that you can eventually transform into a habit.

The secret of handling our changing conditions is adapting to the Natural Laws of the Mind.
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