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Laura King's Keys to Winning for the Equestrian, Self Hypnosis Series

The Keys to Winning for the Equestrian Hypnotherapy series of "self-hypnosis" audio sessions was created by equestrian Laura King, for equestrians. This innovative and wildly popular self hypnosis training aid will revitalize your horse riding experience by eliminating any mental or subconscious barriers to complete mastery of your equestrian sport. It is an effective hypnotism tool that has helped countless equestrian riders of all levels and all disciplines to achieve greatness.

To Ride Twice As Well...Would You Spend 20 Minutes a Day On the Couch?

You already put in the long hours of equestrian training and practice, and Laura King, certified sports hypnotist and creator of the Keys to Winning for the Equestrian hypnotherapy series, understands that. To fully benefit from these self hypnosis CD's or self hypnotism MP3's, you'll only need to listen to one 20-minute equestrian hypnotherapy session each day.

winning with equestrian hypnotherapy
  Each of these self hypnosis sessions targets a critical area of your subconscious mind to create quick, easy, effortless positive change. It's recommended that you find a comfortable place in your home -- perhaps your favorite chair, or even in bed right after waking up or right before going to sleep -- before you start listening to this equestrian hypnosis CD set.

Self-hypnosis is a practice that's been around as long as human beings, yet this is the first time that it has been specifically harnessed to help equestrian competitors maximize their talents and abilities. As each self hypnosis session begins, Laura King will guide you into a state of the deepest, most comfortable relaxation. In this hypnotized state, your subconscious mind is at its most receptive to positive messages, and in this state, Laura King can take your equestrian riding to the next level by making you confident, fearless, and focused using equestrian hypnotherapy.

Don't Let All Your Training, All Your Practice Go To Waste: Prepare Your Mind As Well As Your Body

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, a jumper or a dressage rider, all of your horse training is a big waste of time if you're not mentally prepared to win every time you get on your horse. This hypnotism series will bridge that gap and give you the extra edge you need for more blue ribbons and a more enjoyable experience.

Don't let another day go by without trying the Keys to Winning for the Equestrian hypnotherapy CD set. This self hypnosis is affordable, it fits into your schedule, and equestrian hypnotherapy can create the most powerful change you've ever experienced!

Price: $ 137.47  Qty:

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This equestrian hypnotherapy CD set will dramatically improve your riding experience. Try this equestrian hypnotism and see what Laura King is able to do with her hypnosis. All equestrian hypnotherapy CD's and self hypnosis training come with a 60 Day hypnosis Money Back Guarantee. Buy this self hypnosis & self hypnotism today!

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