From self hypnosis to equestrian hypnotherapy, hypnotist Laura King has it all!

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Laura King's Keys to Winning for the Western Rider Self Hypnosis Series

This 6 Equestrian Hypnotherapy CD Western set will help you relax on your horse, gain riding confidence, cast away your fears and self-doubt, and sharpen your competitive concentration.

Self hypnosis CD 1 - Basic Relaxation for the Western Rider
Mental pressure creates muscle tension. Peak performance is accessed by mind-body relaxation. This equestrian hypnotherapy CD is designed for daily stress reduction. You'll physically and mentally release unwanted muscle tension and replace it with pleasant feelings of peacefulness and harmony within your mind and body. Using deep breathing techniques, as well as self hypnosis, to progressively relax all parts of the body, you must be introduced to this mental key. Self hypnosis helps to produce a smooth, effortless, easy, and relaxed body for a more pleasurable ride.

Hypnosis CD 2 - Fearless Showing for the Western Rider
Internal voices of fear may deter you from riding success. Listening to this self hypnosis CD consistently transforms the voice of past fears and failures in the show ring into positive, empowering self-talk. Riding is a constant learning experience. When the mind creates a fear, learning and progress are immobilized. You'll be led through an imagery self hypnosis experience to release the negativity of fear from every part of your body. This equestrian hypnotherapy program by hypnotist Laura King is designed to transform the messages of fear and self-doubt into powerful, positive thoughts to promote consistency and relaxation.
keys to winning equestrian western rider series
Self Hypnosis CD 3 - Peak Performance for the Western Rider
You are what you think. Listening to this equestrian hypnotherapy CD set repeatedly improves your overall riding performance. All great athletes rehearse their performances in their minds to create the results they desire. Through the repetition of positive hypnosis suggestions, this Laura King hypnotherapy CD communicates with your subconscious mind, and guides you to success. Learn self hypnosis and how to prepare your mind through relaxation, hypnosis imagery and positive thinking. Youíll gain focus, confidence, and build your self image, improving your riding skills along the way.

Equestrian Hypnotherapy CD 4 - Release of Performance Anxiety for the Western Rider
All equestrian athletes have performance anxiety. This equestrian hypnotherapy CD is designed for the release of the negative emotions of performance anxiety and worry that might come up before or during your show event. Performance anxiety arises from thoughts about the outcome of the class you are riding in, and the future which canít be controlled. Through the use of self hypnosis imagery, you will be guided to focus in the present, to ride the class with full attention, to take one challenge at a time. Listening to this self hypnosis CD daily replaces feelings and symptoms of anxiety with feelings of being a winner in the equestrian riding ring.

Self Hypnosis CD 5 - Gaining Concentration and Memory for the Western Rider with Equestrian Hypnotherapy.
Become more successful in riding lessons and in the horse show ring by improving your powers of concentration. This self hypnosis program is designed for focusing on the preparation of a good equestrian ride, where distractions inside your head are non-existent and outside distractions do not register. As you listen to this equestrian hypnotherapy CD repeatedly, you'll become more consistent every time you ride your horse because you gain control through increased self-discipline, self-awareness, and concentration. You'll have more fun at any horse show event.

Equestrian Hypnotherapy CD 6 - Positive Self Talk for the Western Rider
The saying "You are your own worst enemy" is based on the fact that our habitual negative self-talk produces limiting beliefs that ultimately sabotage performance. Unfortunately, most of us aren't even aware of the havoc our internal dialogue is causing. The key to consistent, peak performance is to train your brain to change both your subconscious and conscious messages. By repeatedly listening to this self hypnosis CD, you will begin to automatically cancel negative thoughts/limiting beliefs and transform them into expectations of success, well-being and happiness. You'll notice yourself becoming more self-assured, physically fit and mentally alert than ever before. All aspects of your equestrian riding comes together so that you face competitions with unstoppable confidence, focused concentration and relentless determination.

Price: $ 137.47  Qty:

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This equestrian hypnotherapy CD set comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! Get this hypnosis and equestrian hypnotherapy now and start improving your horse riding. hypnotist Laura King has designed this self hypnosis CD set to cover many facets of equestrian riding and hypnosis techniques for you to improve. Try this equestrian hypnotherapy CD and self hypnosis today and begin riding better tomorrow.

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