Use Self Hypnotherapy to improve your Equestrian Jumping. 3 Hypnosis CD's on Hypnotherapy that works. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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Complete Keys to Winning for the Jumper Hypnosis Series


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Complete Keys to Winning for the Jumper Hypnosis Series

This equestrian hypnotherapy 3 CD Jumping set will help you relax on your horse, gain riding confidence, cast away your fears and self-doubt, and sharpen your competitive concentration.

Hypnosis Disk 1 - Internal voices of fear deter equestrian riders, like you, from success. When the mind creates a fear, learning and progress are immobilized. Listening to this equestrian hypnotherapy CD and practicing equestrian hypnosis will release your past fears and failures in the show ring. Hypnosis and self hypnotherapy replace these thoughts with positive, empowering self-talk. Using hypnosis, you will be led through an imagery experience releasing the negativity of fear from every part of your body. Once fear is eliminated with the use of hypnosis and self hypnotherapy, you, the equestrian rider are able to move forward with your abilities and gain the competitive edge.

Hypnosis Disk 2 - You are what you think. Through the repetition of positive hypnotic suggestions, this equestrian self hypnotherapy CD communicates with your subconscious mind, and guides you to success. Hypnosis and self hypnotherapy helps you have more confidence in your abilities and become more comfortable with higher jumps. You’ll become more relaxed because you will know that your horse has the talent and capability to jump successfully. Learn how to prepare your mind through hypnosis, self hypnotherapy, relaxation, imagery and positive thinking. You’ll gain focus, confidence and consistency in your overall equestrian riding ability.

Hypnosis Disk 3 - Become more successful in lessons and in the show ring by using hypnosis and self hypnotherapy to improve your powers of concentration. This equestrian hypnotherapy CD is designed for using hypnosis to focus on the preparation of a good ride. Hypnosis and self hypnotherapy cause distractions inside your head to become non-existent and outside distractions not to register. As you listen to this equestrian hypnotherapy CD and practice hypnosis repeatedly, you will become more consistent every time you ride because you will gain control through increased self-discipline, self- awareness, and concentration. Use hypnosis and self hypnotherapy to place yourself in a zone to perform at your very best!
This Equestrian hypnosis CD set comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Price: $ 73.47

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Try this hypnotherapy set which focuses on equestrian self hypnotherapy. Using his hypnotherapy program you will increase your confidence and riding performance. All hypnosis & hypnotherapy CD's come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! Try a hypnotherapy CD today!

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