Self Hypnosis by Hypnotist Laura King focuses on increasing the affect of your treatment. Hypnotherapy helps your body recover faster!

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Maximize Your Treatment Potential

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Hypnosis CD: 695
Maximize Your Treatment Potential

Hypnotist Laura King believes that accepting the reality of your present situation and believing in your chosen course of treatment is essential to the healing process. Hypnotherapy and self hypnosis enables you to make positive changes in your belief system and in your life. This hypnotherapy session by hypnotist Laura King reminds you that consistency and dedication in following your treatment plan, as well as a positive, powerful mental outlook will help your body restore itself to vibrant health. Hypnotist Laura King believes that hypnotherapy and self hypnosis can help you make consistent positive change.
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Price: $ 27.47

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Try this self hypnosis CD on illness by hypnotist Laura King. This hypnotherapy & hypnosis can help restore your health.

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