The Self Hypnosis series that every care-giver needs to use! Hypnotist Laura King designed this Hypnotherapy CD to help you, the "au pair".

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Complete Facing Illness Series


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Complete Facing Illness Series

The challenge of facing an illness such as cancer, heart disease or other physical afflictions can overwhelm your emotional health, as well as your immune system.

In the April 29, 2000 edition of the scholarly medical journal, the Lancet, Dr. Elvira Lang of Harvard University published her study of clinical trials using hypnosis before surgery. People who had been hypnotized prior to surgery needed less pain medication, left the operating room sooner, and had more stable vital signs during their operation.

Hypnotist Laura King believes equally important as choosing the best medical care possible is learning to accept your health situation and feeling confident in the chosen course of treatment.
  • Use hypnotherapy and self hypnosis to gain confidence in your immune system's ability to heal from within.
  • Use hypnotherapy and self hypnosis to prepare your mind for a successful surgery and recovery.
  • Learn to control pain with hypnotherapy and self hypnosis rather than allowing it to control you. Practice simple mental imagery exercises to face your challenges with calm and serenity.
  • Use hypnotherapy and self hypnosis to fall asleep easily and stay asleep, allowing your body to get the rest it needs to maintain the energy essential to healing.
  • Use hypnotherapy and self hypnosis to accept your situation and feel the utmost confidence in the treatment method you have chosen.

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Facing An Illness can seem Impossible. Try using this Self Hypnosis series by Hypnotist Laura King. Hypnotherapy can have an amazing affect on your life by helping you gain confidence, come to accept the condition you are in, & using mental imagery to calm yourself & relax. Free Shipping & a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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