Self Hypnosis with Hypnotist Laura King can increase your ability to absorb & process information. Hypnotherapy with a 60 Day Guarantee.

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Through this hypnotherapy session designed by hypnotist Laura King, uses hypnosis to retrain the memory retention channels of your mind to effortlessly absorb and retain material of value. Your motivation to remember will increase dramatically with self hypnosis, allowing you to digest and absorb vast amounts of information. Hypnotist Laura King uses self hypnosis to help you gain mastery over your ability to learn and experience. Absorption becomes effortless with self hypnosis as you become involved in the deeper and more profound levels of thinking. Hypnotist Laura King says hypnotherapy causes brilliant ideas and inspirations to flow through your mind as never before.

Price: $ 27.47

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Let Self Hypnosis & hypnotherapy help you improve your ability to remember. Hypnotist Laura King designed this Hypnotherapy CD to help you retrain your mind to process and retain information more efficiently. With Self Hypnosis you can remember more and remember it easier. Try this Laura King hypnotherapy CD today & remember we have a 60 Day Guarantee!

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