Hypnosis & Equestrian Hypnotherapy: A custom type of Hypnotism by Hypnotist Laura King. Created by Equestrians, for Equestrians!

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Complete Keys to Winning for the Equestrian Series


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Hypnosis CD: 503
Complete Keys to Winning for the Equestrian Series

Laura King has developed this 6 CD Equestrian hypnotherapy set which will help you, through hypnosis techniques, to relax on your horse, gain riding confidence, cast away your fears and self-doubt, and sharpen your competitive concentration. The Laura King Hypnosis - Keys to Winning for the Equestrian series of "self-hypnosis" audio sessions was created by equestrians, for equestrians. This Hypnotism by Laura King teaches you, in this innovative and wildly popular hypnosis training aid, to revitalize your riding experience by eliminating any mental or subconscious barriers to complete mastery of your sport. Hypnosis, or Equestrian Hypnotherapy, is an effective tool that has helped countless riders of all levels and all disciplines to achieve greatness.

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With Hypnotism plus Self Hypnosis Laura King has designed a 6 CD set on Equestrian Hypnotherapy. Enable yourself to become more competitive, more relaxed, & more successful with horses. This Self Hypnosis program has been designed by Equestrians for Equestrians so you know it will work. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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