Self Hypnosis with Hypnotist Laura King empowers your mastery of fear in Equestrian events. Endless horse riders use this Hypnotherapy.

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Conquering Fear for the Eventer with Hypnotherapy

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Conquering Fear for the Eventer with Hypnotherapy

Using hypnotherapy, qualm the internal voices of fear that deter riders like you from success. Listening to this hypnotherapy CD by hypnotist Laura King will consistently transform the voice of past fears and failures in the show ring into positive, empowering self-talk. Riding is a constant learning experience says hypnotist Laura King. When the mind creates a fear, learning and progress are immobilized. The listener will be guided using hypnotherapy and self hypnosis through an imagery experience to release the negativity of fear from every part of the body. This hypnotherapy CD by hypnotist Laura King is designed to transform the messages of fear and self-doubt into powerful, positive thoughts. Use hypnotherapy and self hypnosis to promote consistency and relaxation.
This hypnotherapy CD has a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Price: $ 27.47

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When you get a self hypnosis CD from hypnotist Laura King, you are getting the highest quality equestrian hypnotherapy and hypnosis around. Laura King's self hypnosis comes with a money back guarantee and free shipping for large orders. Try Laura King's self hypnosis & hypnotherapy today!

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