Use Self Hypnosis & Health Hypnosis to increase your ability to recover faster. Hypnosis focuses on restoring & strengthening your body.

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Improving Your Immune System

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Hypnosis CD: 693
Improving Your Immune System

When faced with challenging health conditions, the strength of the immune system directly affects the body's ability to repair itself. By practicing the mental relaxation, self hypnosis and positive energy exercises in this hypnotherapy program, your mind, body and spirit release stress. Health hypnosis frees up energy which allows your immune system to work at its highest potential. Listening to this health hypnosis powerful hypnotic session and practicing hypnotherapy, helps restore and strengthen your confidence in your body's ability to heal itself.

Price: $ 27.47

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Use health hypnosis, a form of self hypnosis to assist you in dealing with your illness.

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