Answers for this self hypnosis affiliate program: This hypnotherapy affiliate agreement pays 30%!

Affiliate Program FAQ's

affiliate self hypnosis questions

What does "Authorized Sale" mean?

A hypnotherapy sale is not posted into your account until the credit card payment clears, or the check/money order clears the bank. This may take several days in some instances, but is usually almost instant.

Will I get an additional affiliate commission if a self hypnosis customer returns to buy more hypnotherapy merchandise?

If a hypnosis customer returns within 90 days of coming from your site, through the affiliate link, than you would receive a commission on their self hypnosis purchase. (most affiliate programs cut you off after 30 days)

How long should it take to take paid?

We issue affiliate checks on or about the first of every month. When you first get started there is going to be a lull between your first hypnosis sale and your affiliate check. The return policy on all self hypnosis products is set for 60 days: since we don't pay affiliate commissions on returned items we need to wait until 60 days has passed. Here are some examples of our affiliate pay schedule.
If a customer comes through your site and buys a hypnosis product on the 24th of May, we would mail you a check on or about the 1st of August. Once that initial waiting period is over you'll receive affiliate checks every month as long as you have had self hypnosis sales every month.

When does a hypnotherapy order show up on my account once it is placed?

When a hypnosis customer places an order the information is instantaneously available to you on your Affiliate Home Page.

Why didn't you ask for my Social Security or "Tax ID"?

We try to be as unobtrusive as possible. Since we do not need to immediately have your tax information we'll request it when we need to send you the tax forms for any income you receive from

Why do you eventually ask for my Social Security or "Tax ID" number?

If you live in the US and earn over $599 in a calendar year, we must send you a 1099 at the end of the tax year. If you don't provide one, we'll suspend payment when that amount is reached.

I live outside of the US. Can I join your affiliate program?

Yes and no. We pay commissions by checks drawn on a US bank. If you can deposit US checks in your bank, sure go ahead and join. If you cannot, we may be able to pay you if you have a PayPal account. We suggest you email us with any questions prior to joining.

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This affiliate program for self hypnosis CD's and also hypnotherapyMP3's comes with a self hypnosis affiliate program where you can earn a 30% commission on all hypnosis orders and hypnotherapy sales that come through your affiliate website. Join our self hypnosis affiliate program today, and start making a side business out of hypnosis sales!

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