Improve your weight w/ Self Hypnosis: Hypnotherapy can help you reach your ideal weight. Get Hypnotist Laura King's Hypnosis CD now.

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Healthy Choices, Ideal Weight

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Healthy Choices, Ideal Weight

We all need to make healthy choices in our eating habits and we all have a mental, ideal weight, that we believe we should weigh. This hypnotherapy session by hypnotist Laura King teaches you how use self hypnosis to relax and remain calm in all situations. Self hypnosis & hypnotherapy help you choose foods that are appropriate for your body type. With Laura King's self hypnosis, you become aware and in touch with your body and know just the correct foods your body requires for healthful maintenance of your ideal body weight. Try this hypnotherapy CD by Laura King today and see what hypnosis can do for you!

Price: $ 27.47

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Self Hypnosis by Hypnotist Laura King can also help you maintain an ideal weight & make healthy choices on what you eat. This Hypnotherapy focuses on relaxing you so that you become aware what it is your body needs. We are so confidant with Laura King's Self Hypnosis CD's that we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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