Illness hypnosis, a new type of self hypnosis, is hypnotherapy used to prepare for surgery and more!

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Complete Facing Illness Series
details   $ 137.47
Positive Emotional Management
details   $ 27.47
Improving Your Immune System
details   $ 27.47

Maximize Your Treatment Potential
details   $ 27.47
Sleep Wonderfully
details   $ 27.47
Preparing Your Mind for Surgery
details   $ 27.47

Comfort Management / Pain Reduction
details   $ 27.47

The Facing Illness Hypnosis Series uses the proven benefits of self-hypnosis to foster a positive, healthy mind-set that can greatly speed recovery and ease pain. Using self hypnosis, relaxation and positive visualization techniques presented in this hypnotherapy series, you'll reduce stress, and help your body to work to its maximum potential. Illness hypnosis increases your positive outlook, giving you a better chance of conquering your condition or disease.

Give the gift of relaxation, using self hypnosis, that can significantly aid recovery and ease pain to a loved one.

Laura King knows that learning to accept your health situation and feeling confident in the chosen course of treatment is as important as choosing the best medical care possible.
  • Use illness hypnosis and hypnotherapy to increase self confidence in your immune system's ability to heal from within.
  • Use hypnotherapy and self hypnosis to prepare your mind for a successful surgery and recovery.
  • Learn to control pain with hypnotherapy and illness hypnosis rather than allowing it to control you. Practice simple mental imagery exercises to face your challenges with calm and serenity.
  • Use self hypnosis and illness hypnosis to fall asleep easily and stay asleep, allowing your body to get the rest it needs to maintain the energy essential to healing.
  • Use hypnotherapy and self hypnosis to accept your situation and feel the utmost confidence in the treatment method you have chosen.
Try one of the hypnotherapy or illness hypnosis CD's risk free with a
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This illness hypnosis series uses hypnotherapy and self hypnosis to improve your ability to fight and win the illness you have. With illness hypnosis and self hypnosis you will improve your chances! Try illness hypnosis and hypnotherapy today.

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