Use Dog Hypnosis & Canine Hypnosis to modify your dogs behavior. These self hypnosis/self hypnotherapy CD's are on sale now!

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Flawless Dog Showing Series
details   $ 137.47
Basic Relaxation for the Handler
details   $ 27.47
Fearless Showing for the Dog Handler
details   $ 27.47

Peak Performance Building Confidence, Poise and Self Image for the Dog Handler
details   $ 27.47
Release of Performance Anxiety for the Dog Handler
details   $ 27.47
Gaining Concentration for the Dog Handler
details   $ 27.47

Positive Self-Talk for the Dog Handler
details   $ 23.47

Each dog hypnosis CD uses canine hypnosis & self hypnotherapy to help you become more comfortable while showing and training your dog. Canine hypnosis works by using self hypnotherapy on you (not the dog).Dog hypnosis works!
  • Dog hypnosis helps you become the best handler you can be by using canine hypnosis to take your mind out of the equation.
  • The Flawless Dog Showing Self Hypnotherapy Series was designed to use dog hypnosis to help you become more relaxed while showing your dog.
  • The more relaxed you are around your dog, the better they respond to your commands. Canine hypnosis provides this.
  • Listening to this self hypnotherapy series teaches you, through dog hypnosis, how to let go of stress and fully enjoy every aspect of training and showing. By improving your concentration and ability to release anxiety with canine hypnosis, you have a happier more successful showing experience.
Try one of the self hypnotherapy or self hypnosis CD's risk free with a
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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While dog hypnosis might sound like it is the dog getting the self hypnotherapy this is not how it works. This type of self hypnosis has been called canine hypnosis or, dog hypnosis because that's how it is searched for. Try this self hypnosis now!
Whether you need canine hypnosis, self hypnotherapy, or just self hypnosis you can buy them here.

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