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About The Corporate Hypnosis / Business Hypnotherapy CD Set

The Corporate Hypnosis /Business Hypnotherapy Series targets core areas that enhance employee knowledge and effectiveness in the business world, thereby increasing their overall value to your company.

Successful organizations are measured in the quantity and quality of employee output. If you're an employee, this corporate hypnosis series should help you become further energized and motivated towards maximizing your performance and becoming a top producer within your field. With business hypnotherapy you'll learn how to be the best you can be - by capitalizing on your strengths and encouraging yourself to use them. The result: a happier and more productive work experience.

If you're an employer, this hypnosis series, by hypnotist Laura King, can help you in your relationships with your employees and in the management of your employees so that you can work as a team toward opportunity, success, and prosperity. And you'll be able to motivate others toward the abundance that you all deserve!

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  Some of the goals of corporate hypnosis are that you'll always follow through, even on small projects and tasks. You are motivated to bring projects to completion. You give all your projects and your plans full attention. You enjoy your motivation. You motivation inspires you to do better. You possess and utilize the ability to succeed. Whenever you make an agreement with someone, or an appointment with someone, you do all that is reasonable and in your power to keep that agreement or appointment.

There's a reason why the motivation business is a multi-billion dollar industry. If you've tried tapes, CD's, seminars and software products and they haven't worked for you, let me share a secret...

There's only one way to guarantee that you can reach your learning potential:
You must use the power of your subconscious mind and corporate hypnosis training can do that!

With 20 minutes a day of business hypnotherapy, the length of a power nap, you can dramatically improve your skills and confidence in:
  • Public Speaking
  • Building Sales
  • Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Memory/Enhancing Learning
  • Prosperity/Abundance
  Your mind is composed of two parts: the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind is where your critical thinking takes place and what you use most often at work. During your day, you use your conscious mind to think over current problems, choose your words and try to remember where you left that important memo. The conscious mind, however, makes up only 12% of your mind.

Your Two Minds

Your subconscious mind, which is 88% of your mind, is where all of your long-term information and your habitual and behavior controlling thoughts are stored. Although it works hand-in-hand
with your conscious mind, your subconscious mind does all your "power" thinking. It puts together strategies and ideas and runs them by your conscious mind. When a thought suddenly occurs to you, it's because you already processed it through your subconscious mind. Your subconscious also registers your feelings and impressions, and promptly passes them on to the conscious registering them in your awareness.

While you are awake, your conscious evaluates thoughts from your subconscious, makes decisions and puts certain ideas into action. For example, if your subconscious has an embedded belief that you are a poor public speaker, no matter how much you try to consciously change that thought (using resolve or affirmations) your subconscious mind will return to that "stored" thought or behavior pattern.

Why Desire to Change Isn't Enough

Your subconscious can only agree with you; it was designed by nature to be your servant. If you say, "I'm so bad at public speaking," your subconscious produces exactly what you tell it to produce. You may tell yourself to not be negative about your public speaking ability, but you will find that it is extremely hard to perform in contrast to your unconscious beliefs.

Any change obtained using "will power" alone is usually short-term because the subconscious is so powerful. (This is why most people can only stick to their diets for a few weeks!) To effectively make long-term changes in your behavior, you must change the embedded or remembered messages and beliefs in your subconscious and corporate hypnosis / business hypnotherapy addresses this.

Where Did My Bad Habits and Negative Messages Come From?

Little by little, your mind was programmed by your life experience so that today you are a sum total of everything that has ever happened to you. Everything, including impressions of all you have ever done, seen, heard, tasted, smelled, or imagined.


Yes, because your subconscious holds your long-term memory (sometimes called permanent memory). Although you may not realize it, you have never "forgotten" anything that has ever happened to you. Every impression is stored somewhere in your subconscious mind. Using certain corporate hypnosis and business hypnotherapy, you can recall or re-experience early childhood events, even your birth experiences.

The Good News...

You can also reprogram your brain. With corporate hypnosis, you can bypass your conscious mind and access your unconscious brain in order to replace all of your negative thoughts and bad habits which have gone unattended. This works because, in a hypnotic state, your subconscious is further open. Positive and healing suggestions are able to submerge deeply into your mind much quicker and stronger than in your normal, awake state of mind.
For instance, you can:
  • Convert your paralyzing fear of public speaking into a feeling of comfort and confidence while addressing small or large groups using business hypnotherapy.
  • Transform a lack of confidence into positive, empowering beliefs that produce desired results with corporate hypnosis.
  • Empower memory and learning ability for quick and easy recall after listening to business hypnotherapy CD's.
  • Revamp ineffective sales and presentation skills into eloquent and successful communication ability.
  • With corporate hypnosis, replace a lack of motivation with single-minded devotion to peak career performance and balance in your personal life.
  • Let business hypnotherapy training help you overcome a fear of poverty by expecting success and prosperity.
Price: $ 137.47

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Finally, a hypnosis CD set that addresses corporate hypnosis and business hypnotherapy. Hypnotist Laura King designed this hypnosis program to empower you, the business owner or employee, to help in your corporate success. Corporate hypnosis / hypnotherapy works whether you are part of a huge corporation or a small business. Try out one of the corporate hypnosis programs or business hypnotherapy CD's by hypnotist Laura King today!

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