Corporate Hypnosis: Hypnosis designed to improve sales confidence. This Business Hypnotherapy has a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Complete Corporate Series


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Complete Corporate Series

The Corporate Hypnosis Series; hypnotherapy CD set is a 6 lesson series that uses hypnosis to help you become a better public speaker; increase your sales; and become more motivated at work and in your personal life. Hypnotherapy and corporate hypnosis makes you more valuable as an employee. You'll also learn, with business hypnotherapy, how to relax and how to deal with stress. Corporate hypnosis helps you increase your memory so that your overall production will improve and your work will become more pleasurable. The Corporate Series hypnotherapy sessions teach you how to aspire to be the best that you can be by capitalizing on your strengths. In doing this, the business hypnotherapy series allows you to accept prosperity and success as a way of life. Hypnosis helps you become geared for greater success and achievement.

If you're an employer, this business hypnotherapy series uses hypnosis to help you in your relationships with your employees and in your management of employees. Corporate hypnosis and business hypnotherapy enables you to work as a team with your employees toward opportunity, success, and prosperity. Corporate hypnosis helps you to be able to motivate others toward the abundance that you all deserve!

This business hypnotherapy program uses corporate hypnosis to have you answering Yes to these statements:
  • You always follow through, even on small projects and tasks.
  • You are motivated to bring projects to completion.
  • You give all your projects and your plans full attention.
  • You enjoy your motivation. Your motivation inspires you to do more.
  • You possess and utilize the ability to succeed.
  • Whenever you make an agreement with someone, or an appointment with someone, you do all that is reasonable and in your power to keep that agreement or appointment.
Get this hypnosis program NOW and start your life on a new road towards prosperity!

Price: $ 137.47

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Corporate Hypnosis & Business Hypnotherapy: This hypnosis has to do with training you to succeed, not how to hypnotize the chairperson on a board! Use Corporate Hypnosis & business hypnotherapy to increase your ability to follow through on projects, become a better communicator, sub consciously develop leadership habits. Free Shipping & a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on this business hypnotherapy set!

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