Use Self Hypnosis & Equestrian Hypnotherapy to reduce anxiety before entering the ring. Self Hypnosis can give you the edge you need!

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Release of Performance Anxiety for the Equestrian

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Release of Performance Anxiety for the Equestrian

The new equestrian hypnotherapy - self hypnosis CD, Release of Performance Anxiety, is designed, to release negative emotions. With self hypnosis, you will learn how to deal with anxiety and worry that might occur before or during the show event. Anxiety arises from thoughts about the outcome of the class in which you are riding -- the future that cannot be controlled. Self hypnosis guides the equestrian, through the use of imagery, to focus in the present, to ride the class with full attention. Self hypnosis helps you take one challenge at a time and succeed! Improve your performance in the ring with this equestrian hypnotherapy CD!

Price: $ 27.47

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Enable your riding to improve using Self Hypnosis & Equestrian Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis designed for equestrians by an equestrian. Allow yourself to start improving today with this Equestrian Hypnotherapy CD, it focuses on reducing anxiety, keeping you in the present, & increasing your odds of winning.

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