These Hypnosis CD's & Hypnotherapy programs were developed by a hypnotist.

I am Laura King, a hypnotist who offers hypnotherapy as a therapeutic tool. Before I get into the specifics of improving your performance, I'd like to explain hypnosis. What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy? How does hypnosis and hypnotherapy work? Why need hypnosis?

hypnosis & hypnotherapy
Self hypnosis can help you understand yourself better. Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis can assist you in changing your bad habits into good ones and hypnosis can transform your negative feelings into positive ones. Hypnosis can make these changes occur so easily that hypnosis sometimes seems like magic rather than a scientific tool. But the reality of hypnosis, when used as a therapeutic process (as opposed to a hypnotist stage show), is that you are always in control. If you are seeking hypnotherapy as a way to improve your performance-and your life - your hypnosis session will no doubt be a lot less dramatic than any hypnotist show Hollywood has ever concocted. Contrary to popular belief, the hypnotist, and her hypnotherapy, has no magical power and cannot control you or make you do things you don't want to. Hypnosis is a completely voluntary act wherein you always remain conscious; you're always aware and able to hear, talk and to make decisions when using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool.

So neither the hypnotist nor hypnosis can turn me into my mother-in-law?

No. But a good hypnotist lets you transform yourself into someone who has greater intuitiveness, more effectiveness, and has greater success.

How do I know hypnosis & hypnotherapy can work for me?

Anyone of normal intelligence can use hypnotherapy and you can only experience hypnotherapy if you want to experience hypnosis and you willingly follow the hypnotist's instructions. There are definitely people who are prone to hypnosis than others, and also willing to permit hypnotherapy easier than others. They go into a state of relaxation and hypnosis, becoming receptive to the suggestion of the hypnotist.

Think of your hypnotist as a guide. If you choose to follow your hypnotist instructions, you'll be guided into a wonderful, relaxed state of focus and awareness. And after the hypnotherapy, you'll remember everything that happened during your hypnosis session.

Does the hypnotist really wave a pocket watch in front of my face?

Actually the pocket watch is used by many hypnotherapist s, but I choose to use a crystal when I use hypnosis because I've yet to see someone turn away from it. The facets themselves are mesmerizing and my clients quickly become deeply hypnotized.

How do I know if I've been hypnotized?

Actually, at the time, you probably won't think you were hypnotized at all. Most people realize that they were indeed hypnotized after they've seen the desired changes in their behavior.

What should I feel like when I'm being hypnotized?

I can't say for sure what hypnotherapy feels like, as everyone's experience with hypnosis is unique. Some people tell me that hypnosis doesn't make them feel any different. Others tell me that hypnosis makes them feel very relaxed and heavy, like a lead weight. And then there are the lucky ones and hypnosis makes them feel like they are floating on a cloud. Hypnosis makes them feel better than ever before.

How is hypnosis different than meditation?

The goal of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is to change behavior through direct suggestion. Though there are a myriad of different types of meditation, the goal is usually the quieting of the mind, a concentration on a specific state (e.g. compassion, forgiveness, love, death), or relaxation of the entire being. Though a change in your mental (or even physical) state is involved, the goal, per se, is not to alter your behavior as it is in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

How are hypnosis & hypnotherapy different from therapy?

Assuming there is no hypnosis involved, therapy appeals only to the conscious mind while hypnotherapy affects the sub-conscious mind. Hypnotherapy enlists the assistance of the intellect to solve problems and relieve stress. When you appeal to the conscious mind with no hypnosis, you can undoubtedly gain a lot of knowledge. But the more reasoning and intellectualizing you engage in, the greater the tendency to rationalize, to develop alibis, and to protect the subconscious from changing your behavior. Not so with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

What if I get stuck in hypnotherapy and can't get out?

You can never get stuck in hypnosis or hypnotherapy because you have the power to emerge yourself at any time. All you have to tell yourself is that you are emerging from hypnosis and the hypnotherapy will end.

Why should I need hypnosis?

When you are under hypnosis and in a hypnotic state, you can easily make positive changes because your self-conscious mind is open to suggestion for change.
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